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Where is Sandy in Bedfordshire? - Local Map



Where are we?

Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey
and Multi Media Mapping.

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Sandy lies approximately 50 miles north of London, on the Great North Road (A1 London to Edinburgh trunk road). The town has been "by-passed" for many years, and we are threatened with an A1(M) upgrade at some point in the future (perhaps in the next 30 years - spending cuts permitting). The net result is that one of the hamlets to the south of Sandy (Beeston), has been cut in two since the dualling of the A1 in the late 1970's.

Recent developments in the area include the building of 900 new homes to the north of Sandy, just off the A1, on land once owned by local farmers and the Town Council. The new development is called "Fallow Field", and consists of mainly 3 and 4 bed-roomed properties built by Twigden, Laing, Barratt and Wimpey. A new road has been constructed on the edge of the estate, which links the industrial area to the A1, as well as being a convenient route into the town centre for the new "mini-town".

Fallowfield, new 900 home development in Sandy

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Maple Tree Lower School, Hawk Drive, Sandy, Bedfordshire

A new lower school, Maple Tree Lower, opened September 2000. More facilities have been planned and there is now a supermarket open to serve locally. The original Fallowfield estate is now well established and has been joined most recently by the Westbury Homes "St Ivel Park", which is on the north side of the link road between it and the A1.

For more detailed information about housing, shops and local services, see our
Local Services page.

One of our local residents has taken an extensive range of views of Sandy. To see more, click on this
Flickr link to see his gallery of Sandy photos.

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